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Humanise technology

Our research activities concern Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). The group is situated in the “applied cognitive science” pillar of the University of Luxembourg’s COSA Institute. There, we offer a platform for exchanging lessons learned and for engaging into new ideas and challenges.

Our team of post-doctoral researchers, PhD students and technical experts also manages a state-of-the art User Lab.

In addition to our research activities, we act as a support for IT-oriented projects. These do not necessarily focus on UX but always gain from a user-centered input. Our underlying mission is to create social impact and business value by enhancing people’s experience with technology.

We are a team of researchers and designers who seek to humanise technology. Through our expertise and facilities, we help our partners design for optimal experiences.


Our expertise

Putting humans first, our expertise covers the following areas:

UX Design &
Evaluation Methods
UX for educational
Security & Privacy
Innovative Interfaces & Interaction Design
User Lab

Ux research at it’s highest potential

The User Lab comprises several areas equipped for user research, creativity techniques, and co-creation along all stages of the UX Design process.

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