The User Lab


Being user-centered begins with creating the right conditions for focusing on the human experience.

Non-interfering observation while a participant is testing a website
UX Process Planning > Exploration > Ideation > Generation > Evaluation

The UX Design Process is at the core of our activities.

With its iterative phases of Planning, Exploration, Ideation, Generation and Evaluation, it allows to create technologies for people.

Grounded in the fields of UX Design and Human-Computer Interaction, the design process is supported by the spatial environment of the User Lab.

The User Lab offers zones for all types of UX Design activities. What is best, they can be visually and acoustically separated and used consecutively or in parallel.

Picture of the HCI User Lab

A Flexible Space That Suits Various Usage Scenarios

Highly adaptable spatial and hardware layout
Comfortable observation room (one-way-mirror)
Cutting-edge technology (e.g., facial action coding)
Secure storage of sensitive data