About us

A diverse team

As a team with diverse backgrounds in psychology, computer science, design, and media, we work in domains such as education, computer-based assessment, security and privacy, and cultural heritage.

Past members

Ph.D. researchers

  • Borce Stojkovski
  • Christopher Morse
  • Ben Haas
  • Maxime Péré
  • Katja Weinerth


  • Mélodie Jacob
  • Camille Vanpeene
  • Sylvain Duhau-Marmon
  • Marie Behaegel
  • Yu Zhao
  • Maylis Ader
  • Colin Lescarret
  • Solène Meurice

Researchers, co-affiliates, design & development specialists

  • Jasmin Niess
  • Jean-Louis Huynen
  • Martin Kracheel
  • Stéphanie Walter
  • Sophie Sipasseuth