About us

We are a diverse team

As a team coming from all over the world and with diverse backgrounds in psychology, computer science, design, and media.

Anastasia Sergeeva

Post-doctoral researcher

Portrait of Sophie Doublet
Sophie Doublet

Research specialist

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Xiaowei Chen

Doctoral researcher

Portrait of Florence Lehnert
Florence Kristin Lehnert

Doctoral researcher

Alina Lushnikova

Doctoral researcher

Suvadeep Mukherjee

Doctoral researcher

Lorena Sánchez Chamorro

Doctoral researcher

Huiyun Tang

Doctoral researcher

Romain Toebosch

Doctoral Researcher

Reha Tuncer

Doctoral researcher

Portait of Ziming
Ziming Wang

Doctoral researcher

Past Members of the HCI team
Ph.D. researchers:

Luce Drouet / Björn Rohles / Verena Distler / Christopher Morse / Ben Haas / Maxime Péré / Katja Weinerth

Researchers, co-affiliates, design & development specialists:

Vincent Koenig / Vincent Fourrier / Kerstin Bongard-Blanchy / Jasmin Niess / Jean-Louis Huynen / Martin Kracheel / Stéphanie Walter / Sophie Sipasseuth

Trainees and master students:

Anya Lainé / Mathilde Nowak / Jean-Louis Sterckx / Camille Vanpeene / Sylvain Duhau-Marmon / Marie Behaegel / Yu Zhao / Maylis Ader / Colin Lescarret / Solène Meurice / Antoine Adoul / Vesile Demiray / Emeline Mercier / Sophie Bruneton