Romain Toebosch

Doctoral researcher

Romain Toebosch joined the HCI Research Group in August 2022 as Ph.D. candidate at the University of Luxembourg, as a part of Collaboration21 block grant in partnership with Cisco and SCRIPT. His current work focuses on the design of Personal Informatics technologies, and how these can be applied to collaboration in the workplace in an open-ended and non-prescriptive way.

Using research through design, he aims to investigate how such systems could best be designed, and what their psychological and societal consequences could be.

Areas of expertise:

  • Research through Design
  • Personal Informatics
  • Interaction Design
  • Physical Computing

Romain holds a MSc and BSc in Industrial Design from the Eindhoven University of Technology. In his spare time, he enjoys playing music, nerding out over the latest developments in tech, and playing board/card games.

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