Alina Lushnikova

Doctoral researcher

Alina is a PhD researcher in the HCI team working on understanding collaboration. Her research project is a part of Collaboration21 block grant in partnership with Cisco and SCRIPT.

Her research focuses on how to support well-being at work. She believes that awareness tools can be an empowering solution when designed in line with human-centered values and well-being as an objective. She is interested in understanding how such interventions at the workplace might be appropriated and integrated in the social practices, what ethical consequences they might bring about.

Areas of expertise:

  • User experience methods
  • Collaboration

Alina’s background is in psychology (Bachelor in Psychology from the Saint Petersburg State University, Russia) and cognitive science (Master in Cognitive Science from the Bordeaux University, France). Before starting her PhD, she worked 5 years in the IT, wearing different hats from customer support to project managing to data analyst.

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