Anastasia Sergeeva


Anastasia is a postdoctoral researcher in the HCI group, currently studying Dark Patterns in UX Design and their short- and long-term effects on users’ psychological states. She is also interested in the problem of unconscious processing of information and its relation with manipulations and persuasion online.

Areas of expertise:

  • Cognitive Ergonomics
  • User Experience
  • Socio-Technical Aspects of Security
  • Manipulations in Computer-Mediated Communication
  • Dark Patterns
  • Online Communities of Practice

Anastasia received her Ph.D. in Human Factors Engineering and Labour Psychology from the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Before joining the HCI team, she worked as a teaching assistant, tutor, and assistant professor of psychology at Saint-Petersburg State University and ITMO University, Russia. During her career in Academia, she taught and developed several modules in Communication, Conflict Resolution, and Organizational and Engineering Psychology courses and supervised MA students in communication, system analysis, and engineering psychology. As a guest lecturer, Anastasia has made many presentations on communication psychology and the psychology of information security for the general public and members of the IT community.
Her research interests focus on the psychology of cybersecurity, ergonomic components of modern technical and social systems, and professional discourses within IT communities.

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