Suvadeep Mukherjee

Doctoral researcher

Suvadeep is a Ph.D researcher in the HCI group. Having a background in both engineering and HCI, he has an inherent tendency of designing systems, vouching more towards real life applicability. He is currently exploring different facets of a computer-based assessment system covering both security aspects and preventing prevalent academic misconduct practices. He is looking forward to help developers, practitioners and also policymakers to deal with such system which is reliable as well as usable, upholding user experience.

Areas of expertise:

  • User Study
  • User Interface
  • Empirical research

Suvadeep obtained his masters from TU Eindhoven in Human-Technology Interaction. He has experiences in software development and data analysis for more than 4 years. He mostly spends his leisure time watching movies and listening to music. Besides being researcher, he aspires to become a good drummer one day.

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