Collaborative learning spaces

How can we design spaces that improve collaboration? How can we create a global experience that improves collaboration?

These are the questions behind our project on collaborative learning spaces. Collaboration is a skill which is more and more needed in modern society, e.g., when enterprises hire staff. Therefore, students need to improve their ability to collaborate and have this soft-skill in their skills catalog (to be in tune with the work market). Moreover, the collaboration will help them to improve their abilities by themselves and find new ways to solve problems.

In this project, we imagine a combination of digital and physical aspects. For example, a blended space with physical, modular furniture and digital interfaces. Nowadays, digital is everywhere and people need it to continue collaborating when they leave the place. We are working on creating new layouts for collaborative spaces and prototypes of objects that could enhance collaboration.

Based on a literature review and the results of design probes, we are currently planning the next steps in the project, building on interviews, brainstorming sessions, experience maps, prototypes, and design studios.

Contact person for further questions: Sophie Doublet

Man writing on a tactile large display, other man watching