Digital cultural heritage

Emerging technologies are fundamentally transforming the ways in which we interact with museum objects and exhibitions. Museums now extend far beyond their gallery walls into digital spaces and the semantic web, inviting visitors to access high-resolution digital collections and even curated tours directly from their personal devices.

Drawing from user experience (UX) design methods and the digital humanities, the research project “Experience Design for Digital Cultural Heritage” addresses the growing need for sophisticated interaction design to enhance the exploration and browsing of online collections. In particular, this project investigates emotional design for technology and how it can contribute to a more engaging digital museum experience.

Project partners: C²DH & Musée National d’Histoire et d’Art


Next steps in the project

  • design probes study for museum interfaces
  • study on low and high fidelity prototypes


Contact person for further questions: Christopher Morse

Woman looking at old photos pinned to a board