Travellers’ experience in a changeover context

Luxembourg attracts an increasing number of workers from La Grand Région. Starting in March 2020, the free transportation policy of the government will encourage even more Luxembourgers and borderers to use public transport for their daily journeys. In this context, Luxembourg Railways (CFL) has to extend their infrastructure to accomondate the growing number of commuters. The network extension works will take 5 to 10 years. In the meantime, passengers will frequently face train delays, cancellations and journey modifications. This inevitably impacts their travel experience.

The project addresses the challenge of improving CFL customers’ experience in this period of disruptions. We will investigate the most pressing needs of travellers in this context. Based on the findings, communication and information solutions that reduce pain points along the customers’ travel journey will be developed and tested. The results of the studies will also guide the digitial development of CFL and support their efforts towards becoming a 100% customer-centred service provider.

The three steps of the project:

  • Investigate travellers’ needs
  • Co-design solutions with users
  • Evaluate and validate the proposed solutions


Contact person for further questions: Luce Drouet

station attendant helping a client on the train platform