UX aspects in security & privacy

Human aspects of security are at the root of many security problems which are of crucial importance to both research and industry. The research project “UX aspects in security” is situated at the intersection of user experience (UX) and security. It investigates the impact of humans’ emotions and subjective perceptions on their security. In particular, it is interested in how displays of technical security impact perceived security and UX. The aim is to use these insights to provide actionable design recommendations for safer technologies in various contexts including encryption, e-voting and private browsing.

Steps achieved so far in the project

  • study on the impact of displaying security mechanisms such as encryption on UX (read the CHI article in pdf format)
  • study of contextual factors impacting the acceptance of privacy trade-offs

Next steps

  • quantitative study on user-facing displays of encryption
  • systematic literature review of papers in usable security
  • study on improving users’ mental models of private browsing


Contact person for further questions: Verena Distler

Observation of a focus group discussion